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EZ Solid Billet Grille
The Precision EZsolid grille line stands out as one of the premier upgrade grilles in the industry. Each grille is made from a solid plate of 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum and is CNC machined on both sides for crisp and clean lines giving it a custom look like no other grille on the market. Some competitors offer a grille that at first glance looks similar to the EZsolid grille, but on closer inspection you will find thinner aluminum of a much poorer grade which will dull quickly on your vehicle and one that is cut with a water jet machine leaving a ragged edge along all the cut lines. If you are looking for the ultimate grille for you vehicle, there is only one choice... The Precision EZsolid grille. As with all Precision EZ grilles, this too is often a simple bolt over design for easy installation that is installed with little or no drilling or cutting (Some designs, do require cutting the shell). This has created an entirely new market for the Do-It-Yourself enthusiast. What makes the EZ category of grilles stand out, is the flexibility for the installer to choose how the final installation looks. You can simply install the grill over the existing shell (which often leaves some of the shell visible through the spaces of the billet grille), or you can use a body saw to quickly remove a portion the shell mouth (a cut that is not visible after the grille is installed) so that there is no apparent shell seen through the grille spaces of the billet grille). Check the description to find out if your application is a cut-out or an overlay. If it states (cut-out only), then cutting of the grille shell is required. If it states (cut or overlay), then the choice to cut or bolt-over is yours. If the part does not specify either than it is an overlay only.
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    Accessory Grilles Whether it's a side vent or a hood scoop add these accessories to complete the Ez Solid look on your vehicle.
    Bumper Grille EZ Solid Bumper Grille
    Upper Grille 1/4" Solid Billet CNC Machined Upper Grille.